About Us

CU Home Improvement At Its Inception

We started the business as a family. My dad always loves DIY home improvements for him it is much better than hiring expensive home improvement service companies. It saves us money at the same time created a good family bond among us. We do each home improvement project together as a family.

Every time we have guests at home, they always get amazed as to how beautiful our home is and asked who did it? We all just laughed and say we all did it. Then, my mom came up with an idea, why not do the same for our neighbors who cannot afford to hire a company. So, we did. We had our first project outside the home, our neighbor was impressed and paid us. As they say, the rest is history.

CU Believes Home Improvement Need Not Be Expensive To Look Good

We treat each project as if we are doing a project on our own family home. We will exhaust all necessary means to come up with the cheapest cost possible for our client. Then, put all our hearts together in doing the project. We see doing a project as a bonding moment as a family. This is the reason why our clients loved us – it is for the simple reason it is as if its the client and his family who did the project.

This is what sets us apart from the rest of the home improvement companies. The end result will look as if it is the entire client’s family who did the project, but on a much larger scale and professional level. The client is the brain behind the project and our family became the hands to make the plan turn into reality.

Earning money is secondary to CU Home Improvement. Our main goal is to make the client and his family feel good and happy after the project. They are satisfied as to how the project turns out plus, they have saved themselves a lot of money in hiring us than doing it on their own or hiring another company for that matter.

We are a simple family who loves doing home improvement projects for our home and years after our favorite bonding moment became a family business. What’s more, our family can ask for? We can be together at the same time making other families happy.